Mary Quinn


Toliver Myers

Mary Quinn and Toliver Myers

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Our Story

Toliver and I met the first night of our freshman year at Samford University, where we both attended college. We ended up in the same friend group during our first semester junior year and almost immediately hit it off. I decided to ask Tolly to my Chi Omega Formal in December of 2018 and we danced the night away. The first time Tolly met my family (and I mean my entire extended family) was that same December at Debutante and I met his a week earlier. Unfortunatly, we both knew that it was already planned out that Tolly was going to study abroad in London for the spring semester of 2019. We made the decision that this relationship was already something special and something we didn't want to let go of. We dated that semester doing long distance for four and a half months. What a relief it was when we finally got reunited in May of 2019! We have been on many adventures together since then, and we can confidently say that we are each others best friend. Tolly proposed on November 8 of 2020 at an overlook of Samford, where we agreed almost two years ago that we were going to start dating. It was such an exciting and special day. After the wedding, we are moving to Wheaton, Illinois where Toliver is now enrolled in graduate school. We are both so excited for the continued journey that we are about to embark on, and could not be more thankful to our families and friends that have supported us along the way. We cannot wait to be Mr. and Mrs. Myers!!
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